Creative Collaboration for Positive Change


When a community is faced with a history of broken families, drugs, violence, gangs and a declining education system, there is often a loss of hope. The dysfunction becomes the norm and the community continues to spiral in the wrong direction. Youth attempt to survive, aligning themselves with the false promises of hope – the drugs, the gangs, the violence. Sharefest believes there is hope for these youth and families, hope that will provide lasting change for generations to come.

With a vision to create an imprint of lasting positive change in our community, Sharefest began as a simple idea to leverage a community’s assets through the creation of working coalitions, growing local leaders, equipping interested youth and fostering volunteerism utilizing established community organizations. Rather than just coming in from the outside and encourage a community to be a consumer of services, Sharefest collaborates with communities to help themselves, developing ownership.

Sharefest focuses on mentoring youth to develop the leaders of tomorrow, fostering volunteerism in the community through service projects in specific points of influence including schools, parks and community programs, and establishing working coalitions made up of city leaders, schools, businesses and the faith community.

Community Workday

Summer Youth Development Academy

Year-Round Youth Development Academy

What other's are saying about Sharefest…

“It has changed our school and the way our families perceive our school. The students LOVE the changes and it gives our school a "new and fresh" appearance. We are very proud of our school and this is a way to show the rest of the community what a wonderful school we are.”

- Kristen Holm
Principal, Washington Elementary School

“Our partnership with Sharefest has opened doors for us and helped us establish new and strengthened relationships in our community. In addition, it has provided opportunities for individuals from our church to make connections and serve our community better.”

- Brandon Cash
Pastor, Oceanside Christian Fellowship

“I would like to thank everyone who so generously gave their time to support our school and make a difference at our school and in our community! The Fries Family thanks the Sharefest Family, the Phillips 66 Family and all of the families and individuals who so lovingly supported our school.”

- Tracy Joseph
Principal, Fries Avenue Elementary School

“To me, Sharefest has meant getting down to the lowest level that you can go yourself, breaking yourself down to see everything else at wider perspective - being a humble person and opening up so that people can come in and help you and build you up and you can build them up at the same time.”

- Quentin
Youth Development Academy, High School Program

“I have been working in education for 25 yrs and never imagined that so many caring individuals would want to give their time and talents to a school and students they might not even know. Community linking arms with schools to improve our campus has helped instill ownership that makes students want to keep the campus clean and work harder to improve in academics. Every time I see a mural or walk in our beautiful new plaza, I am reminded that adults and students really do care and can work together to make seeming impossibilities come true...”

- Windy Warren
Assistant Principal, Banning High School

“The re-landscaped Sensory garden with the beautiful bench and de-composted granite walkways make the
garden perfect for our special needs students to sit, read, and enjoy nature. The attractive Dodson Dolphin mural can be seen from many places on campus and is creating new pride in our school.”

- John Vladovic
Principal, Dodson Middle School

“I have 5 older brothers and sisters and thanks to the help from Sharefest’s programming, I am the first one in my family to graduate from High School. It feels awesome! Before Sharefest, I was very negative about the possibility of me graduating and many people told me that I would never do it. But thanks to the help of Path for Teens and the other Sharefest programming, I have proved those people wrong and now that I have graduated, I feel like I can do anything!”

- Eduardo
Recent Graduate of Avalon High School

“I have lots of great memories in this class (Art). Being able to talk and laugh with my classmates while learning something new, made school a lot easier to deal with. It has shown me new art skills that I never thought I had and it helped me work a little harder in my normal classes.”

- Andreas C.
Youth Development Academy, Year-Round Program

“I have experienced a great outreach of people who sincerely care to help our community. I have met many great people along this journey. I have been blessed to plan the workday for my children's school. I am teaching my kids to give back. It's a very HUMBLE experience.”

- Monica Rodriguez
Parent, Broad Avenue Elementary School

“Knowing Sharefest was coming, we decided to re-dedicate a rose garden to a teacher that passed away 31 years ago. The rose garden was cleaned and re-planted. The family came from all over the country to see this event. They were so touched that Sharefest made this happen.”

- Suzanne Zopatti
Principal, Catskill Avenue Elementary School

“Some of the things that I've taken away from my HS experience at Sharefest is that when you're in high school there's a lot of things you're not exposed to. My experience at YDA exposes me to things like high school applications and what I need to become a candidate for colleges. There's a lot of leadership incorporated into the work at YDA, you're learning things like research and being a leader in your community through service.”

- Nosa
Youth Development Academy, High School Program

“I’ve always had a passion to help out others in my community. There are so many broken families, homes in disrepair and students who need so much educational support. I served at a Sharefest project during their annual workday and it has given me more meaning in my life. I met incredible people, found ways that I could make a difference and was able to give back to my community. The impact and benefit is unexplainable - it’s something you have to experience.”

- Vaglia "Jo Jo" Davis
Fries Ave. Elementary School PTA

“I thought a brand new computer lab was my dream, but my dream was to have Sharefest at my school. Sharefest has changed our values and belief system. We, the administrators, staff and teachers, no longer look at obstacles, but look to find ways to work as a community. And it has given students the belief that they can achieve and succeed in the same way.”

- Antonio Amparan
Principal, Holmes Avenue Elementary School, LAUSD

“I learned at YDA that having fun isn't all about winning, but rather about spending time with people you don't know, learning about them and connecting with them.”

- Caitlin
Youth Development Academy, Middle School Program