Honorary Chair

Joyce Sharman

Wife of late Bill Sharman

“This world needs more programs like Sharefest’s Youth Development Academy to build relationships with and encourage young people along their journeys. I greatly enjoy seeing these youth excited about learning and developing their strengths as leaders, and am humbled and thankful for the opportunity to play a part in this great work.”

- Joyce Sharman

Joyce Sharman, community advocate, has helped change the face of philanthropy in Los Angeles through her contagious commitment to turn every challenge and pain into something positive for others. As the wife of the late Bill Sharman, two time NBA Hall of Famer as a player for the Boston Celtics and Coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Joyce infused the Los Angeles sports community with the conviction that kindness can change the world. Her unrelenting efforts to bring good to others helped birth the Forum Community Services (known as the Lakers Wives) which eventually became the Los Angeles Lakers Youth Foundation. She has been influential in helping athletes and local leaders discover joy in bringing encouragement and empowerment to those facing challenging health, economic, and social conditions. Sharefest is privileged to recognize and celebrate Joyce for her lifetime achievement of community kindness.